Nonstick, Natural Granite Stone Coating

Offers outstanding durability and is non-toxic even at high heat for heal their cooking. Heavy gauge 3 mm Aluminium body ensures even heating and uniform cooking electric stovetop compatible; dishwasher safe.


Canadian’s technology for applying porcelain creates a durable, chip resistant product that will last most families a lifetime


  • Handy for soups and stews

High quality

  • Non-porous inert glass surface
Layer 12

Go green

  • No PFOA’s or any other chemical to alter food’s taste


  • Non-stick surface
Product – 7 Piece Granite Coating Cookware

Strong Materials

We always take care of the quality

achieved with granita V2.0



The coating is 100% granite over heavy-duty body. It makes for a strong, lightweight pon that doesn’t stick! And barely needs cleaning…

Tough bottom

The bottom of the pan makes heat transfer well, while still keeping it light. It also has a silicon handle, so it doesn’t get too hot


Heat Resist

The textured bottom distributes heat evenly throughout for perfect, even cooking.

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Granite+Coating CookWare


Stain Resistance

non stick coating

Heavy Duty SS Handle See-Through glass lid



Ceramic Pot


Made with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)


Stain resistant

Ceramic Pan


Made with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)


Stain resistant