Die Cast Pot/Pan

Non stick and stain resistant. Food comes right off the pan so it makes cooking more enjoyable and easy.


The smart Cook is range of kitchen tools has been specifically designed to improve hygiene and minimize the the mess made by placing utensils onto kitchen surfaces during use function, strength and ease… this Cast-Iron has all.

Easy going Handle

The hard & strong handle lets you pick the pan without feeling the weight of materials inside it

High quality

Get rid of sticking food to the surface, loosing the flavor or color change

Die-Cast Pan


Go green

PFOA and PTFE Free cookware

3 things-same time

This Die-Cast pan is divided into 3 parts which amazingly helps you cook 3 different things at the same time 


Perfect strong glass Lid

One of the most important things in pots is that the lid completely matches and keep tight with the body so the steam wont make a way out andyour food cooks faster and more healthy


Anti scratch

Feel free to use your near at hand spoon and Spy on the food flavor 😉

Enjoy 2019 with newest arrived tech!

We have been working on die-cast products for long time now in 2019 we are proud to announce the awesome gene die-cast we’ve ever made


Lifetime guarantee

We believe on the perfect quality

Free shipping

Feel free to order one or more on the web and we take it straight at your door

1-1 replacement

There is no need to feel sad about your mistake there would be an other option always


Die Cast 3-piece pan

  • Sturdy Handle
  • Whole for hanging when not in use
  • Complemented by helper handle



Die Cast pan

  • Tow easy handle hanging
  • Non-Stick surface
  • 3-Highlights on surface makes the food faster!



Die Cast pan

  • Tow cloth handles gives it such a pretty look
  • Non-Stick surface
  • Available in 18″,20″ and 24″